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LeanLOVE is a wholistic weightloss company which focuses on simple whole foods and supplements to encourage and maintain weight loss through a healthy lifestyle. Directed and designed the LeanLOVE logo and overall brand. Collateral to include a temporary landing page, a full website design with membership, instructional PDFs, recipe cards, email headers, social media templates, and strategy, with more forthcoming. The website is designed using Wordpress and Divi. 

Client: Lean Love

Roles: Creative Direction + Strategy, 
Branding Design, Web Design, Collateral



Camp Good Life Project was a summer camp for adults which was lead by the author and podcaster, Jonathan Fields and his wife. This camp was designed to help remind creative adults what it means to build a Good Life. I was hired to create a database of imagery that would tell the story of their camp to be used throughout their promotional materials as well as their website. I have also designed and illustrated artwork to be used on products and soft goods. 

Client: Camp Good Life Project, Jonathan Fields

Roles: Art Direction, Photography, Illustration


Camp GLP


A Space to Remember is a Reiki Practitioner who's approach is artistic in nature with an emphasis on the continuous cycle of life. In charge of branding, website, and collateral materials. Also took promotional photos for use throughout the site which is forthcoming. The website is designed using Wix as per my client's request.

Client: A Space to Remember

Roles: Branding Design, Web Design, Photography

Fellow Flowers is an online running movement and community that honors, shares, and celebrates the reasons why women run. My work with them started with ideation, art directing, and photographing their apparel for use on their website and for digital advertising. I have also designed t-shirts, sweatshirts, and headbands, along with greeting cards, calendars, and event signage. 

Client: Fellow Flowers, Mel Charbonneau

Roles: Art Direction, Photography,
Illustration + Design


Fellow Flowers

Inspire Create Be was my life coaching business. I designed it to complement my design site as I have found that many business owners who sought my services also need coaching to support them during their personal and business journies. The website was designed in Wordpress using Divi. 

Client: Inspire Create Be

Roles: Art Direction, Design, Web Design


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