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Created and maintained the look and feel of Krakora Studios for over 10 years. Krakora Studios is a high end photography studio catering to clients who want their stories documented over their lifetime. In charge of web designs and maintenance through Wordpress. Designed the logo and all marketing materials which include: pricing guides, welcome brochures, stationery, tradeshow materials and signage, as well as mailing and social media campaigns. 

Client: Krakora Studios

Roles: Art Direction, Design, Web Design


The Creative Lab, a division of Krakora Studios, offers both private and group art and photography lessons. Krakora Studios believes that children + adults should have a safe space to go and simply create without judgement. To have access to the tools to explore art without being told that they are doing it wrong. But rather, be guided in the different ways to see and to create. The website and branding needed to be fun yet structured. 

Client: Creative Lab

Roles: Art Direction, Design, Web Design


Parchmint is a company that created learning toys for young children. The goal was to create a brand that reflected growth with a theme based in nature.


Roles: Art Direction and Design


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