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Brand Design - Camp GLP


Photo Art Direction, Visual Design, Illustration, Merchandise Design


Camp GLP, put on by the Good Life Project, is a summer camp for creatives, entrepreneurs, and change-makers. It offers deep learning, inspiring stories, meaningful connections, and strategies for personal and business growth. The camp promotes a mind-body-work-life reset, emphasizing vitality and fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.


Art Direct imagery that conveyed the unique experience of being at Camp GLP. Provided custom illustrations for camp merchandise.


Photo Art Direction

A diverse selection of imagery to use across their website, social media, and printed materials. 


Stationery + Merchandise

A playful rendition of the Good Life Project logo for use on water bottles, stationery, and clothing.


Good Life Project Creed

The Creed of The Good Life Project is a profound guide for living a fulfilling life. Its essence can be distilled into the idea that a life well-lived is one that is worth sharing. Every sentence in the Creed holds significance and carries its own weight. This is because the core of our existence lies in the passion and spirit we put into our daily lives. 

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