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Brand Design - LeanLOVE


Brand + Business Strategy, Creative Direction, Brand + Visual Design, Course Design, Shopify Design, Digital & Web, Print Collateral, Photo Art Direction

LL-logo-06 copy.png

LeanLOVE promotes weight loss through a healthy lifestyle by emphasizing a diet of simple whole foods, supplements, and homeopathics. My role, as the Creative Director and Brand Strategist, involved overseeing the branding process, including logo, and website design, online course creation, and shop setup, as well as managing copywriters, photographers, and email marketing managers. 


To distinguish LeanLOVE from other online competitors who aggressively promote weight loss and make consumers feel inadequate. LeanLOVE's approach prioritizes self-care and support, emphasizing trust, intentionality, and comfort.



The LeanLOVE brand evokes a feeling of comfort through its neutral color scheme. Its clean and inviting aesthetic reflects Theresa's calm and reliable personality.

Photo Art Direction

To complete the project, I incorporated previous photoshoot images with new images, evoking a contemporary and serene urban vibe..

Website Design

A complete website design featuring membership, an online store, instructional PDFs, recipe cards, email headers, and a social media strategic plan.

Shopify + Kajabi Set Up

We created a comprehensive online course using Kajabi, featuring instructional videos, downloadable PDFs, and recipes. Additionally, we developed an online storefront through Shopify.

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