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Brand Design - East Bay Rowing Club


Creative Direction, Creative Strategy, Brand + Visual Design, Social Media, Illustration, Merchandise

EBRC-BLM Promo image


The East Bay Rowing Club strives to heighten awareness of inequities prevalent within the rowing community, with a particular focus on aligning its membership with the diverse population of Oakland, California. This initiative emerged as a response to the George Floyd Protests in the summer of 2020. The primary objective was to generate public awareness surrounding its social and political values, as well as the disparities within the rowing community.



I designed two logos, both of which were a play on the iconic oak tree of Oakland, which represents the waterways surrounding Oakland and the power of rowing as a community that fosters both cooperation and camaraderie.  The second logo was designed specifically in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, reflecting the East Bay Rowing Club's commitment to promoting diversity in the sport. 


The Logos


Social Media + Email

Through both email and social media campaigns, we were able to make sales across the US, Canada, and even as far as Norway. 


Our BLM merchandise was sourced through a Black-Woman-Oakland-owned screen printing shop. Initial sales generated over $8000 in profit. 

HOCR 2022

Racing Gear


The awareness that this logo raised within the greater rowing community helped East Bay Rowing Club be awarded the $20,000 Head of the Charles x Gold Cup Grant awarded to rowing programs working to serve under-resourced youth and communities throughout the U.S. and U.S. territories. 


Our apparel logos were a huge hit in the community. The BLM merchandise was particularly successful, selling across the US, Canada, and Norway. All proceeds from the sale of BLM apparel were to fund learn-to-row classes for community members of color, support scholarship programs for continued rowing, purchase PFDs, provide transportation to and from school for Oakland's youth, and swimming lessons.

There is still much work to be done to make rowing more accessible. I look forward to working on raising awareness through design and continued outreach.

My History

I started rowing when I was in high school–it profoundly changed my life. My wish is to share it with as many people as possible. Historically, rowing has been a predominantly white sport, however. I believe that everyone in our community should have the chance to participate in this life-changing sport, regardless of their circumstances.

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