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Brand Design - Inspire. Create. Be.


Brand Strategy + Design, Creative Direction, Social Media Strategy, E-Commerce, Media Kits, Copywriting


Inspire. Create. Be., offered life and business coaching services. It was created to complement my design site, recognizing that many business owners who sought my design services also needed personalized coaching to support them throughout their personal and professional journeys.



To inspire and assist creative entrepreneurs who find themselves at a crossroads in their professional and personal lives. To streamline the process of accessing my coaching services, I developed a pipeline through social media, free offerings, and an online booking platform. 


Storefront + Social Media

I used social media as a means to build a community around my artistic journey and invite potential clients to my life coaching services. I personally crafted all the illustrations and written material. Additionally, I established an online store to sell my artwork from a 100-Day Project.


Media Kit

Example of a free download.

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