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Art Direction - Callisto Media


Creative Direction, Concept Strategy, Budgeting, Team Leadership, Production Management, Art Direction, Illustration Program Management, Cover Design, Interior Template


Callisto Media (part of Penguin Random House) focuses on data-driven publishing and tech media. Our objective was to produce stunning non-fiction books within limited budgets and quick turnaround times. Throughout my tenure, I contributed to the creation of 80+ highly successful titles that garnered numerous 5-star ratings on Amazon. One of my favorite things to do was to help direct illustrators through complex illustration programs for a wide variety of books, from workbooks to children's storybooks. 

Yin Yoga Book Cover
Yin Yoga Book Interior

Minimize historical, philosophical background about yoga to create a user-friendly book that lets readers practice on their own. Bonus: a book they are proud to display on their coffee table. 

Why Do I Fell So Sad? Book Cover
Why Do I Fell So Sad? Book Interior

A diverse, age-appropriate illustrated children’s book to help children understand all aspects of grief. Provided Diversity training for the illustrator and created a Diversity in Illustration template for future Illustrators.

Roaring Mad Riley Book Cover
Roaring Mad Riley Book Interior

A relatable storybook for Beginning Readers (age 5-7) to help them recognize, understand, and manage their anger in various effective and easy-to-follow techniques.

⭐️ This book was made into a series.

Big Chemistry Experiments for Little Kids Book Cover
Roaring Mad Riley Book Interior

Get kids excited about science with easy and engaging chemistry projects. Because it was during the pandemic, the entire book needed to be illustrated. 

⭐️ This book was made into a series.