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Photo Art Direction + Book Design - Callisto Media


Art Direction, Concept Strategy, Budgeting, Team Leadership, Production Management, Photo Art Direction, Cover Design, Template Design


Callisto Media (part of Penguin Random House) focuses on data-driven publishing and tech media. Our objective was to produce stunning non-fiction books within limited budgets and quick turnaround times. Throughout my tenure, I contributed to the creation of 80+ highly successful titles that garnered numerous 5-star ratings on Amazon.


This easy pasta cookbook with a variety of classic and creative pasta recipes using accessible, everyday ingredients.

Appeals to an older demographic who are looking for a sense of ease in the somewhat topic of Alzheimer's and Dementia prevention through the MIND Diet. 


Elegant yet accessible way of presenting sous vide, while on a very tight budget. 

sousvide copy.jpg

To distinguish itself from other titles on Amazon, we aimed to convey a sense of healthiness, enjoyment, simplicity, and swiftness.